Right Message, Right Time, Right Channel
SNIPER enables marketers to activate and optimise customer engagement through the mobile channel.
The platform exploits a range of mobile-specific tools including the following:

Guaranteed Delivery

Uses point to point carrier network and interconnection.

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SNIPER SMS and MMS messages are delivered directly to the mobile client inbox by telecommunications carriers. These messages are delivered using the mobile phone number as the address and relying on the carrier interconnection agreements and their point to point network.

ONLY SMS and MMS messages are delivered directly to the phone as a native message - and this means we can track delivery to the receiver, to the device and even know what level of operating system the phone is using.

If your business messages are important and you need to be assured they are seen then SNIPER messaging is something your business should look at.

Self Service

Your marketing team can build and send visual messages.

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SNIPER has a complete set of tools to enable organisations to curate, personalise, contextualise, send, integrate and track multiple forms of engagement directly to the consumers mobile inbox.

The key difference between SNIPER and messaging systems is that SNIPER was designed to be a complete self service mobile marketing tool that can either standalone or integrate with existing systems.

There is no other purpose built Mobile Marketing Platform that encompasses the branding and personalisation features as well as self management functional capabilities SNIPER delivers.

AB Testing

Don’t waste money on bad ideas.

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Organisations have been paying almost nothing for over 25 years to communicate with clients via email – having to allocate real money to ensure you get your messages seen may be a shock, and often not budgeted.

A successful SNIPER campaign can generate ROI numbers in the thousands. However not all offers, visuals or timing of your sends will work out. For that reason SNIPER has a comprehensive split testing tool enabling marketers to trial small batch sends, rather than spending large without road testing the audience response and potentially throwing money down the drain.

We have seen conversion rates vary as much as 14% - based on a different offer, and a different .gif. Split testing is totally worthwhile.

Personalise your visual messages

Only SNIPER lets you put personal details on the MMS image

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SNIPER is the first and only Self Service mobile marketing platform that enables marketers to personalise the actual MMS image with up-to 22 unique data tags.

Personalisation is more than just using a name.

With SNIPER every MMS image can contain unique information for each individual receiver, not just their name but also include account details, unique codes and purchasing history.


Enable clients to store passes in their phones wallet.

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SNIPER enables your clients to add offers and loyalty cards received into either their Apple Wallet or Android Passes App.

Passes stored in mobile wallets can be updated, notifications and reminders can be sent using SNIPER’s Data Messaging Engine (DME) and for bricks and mortar retailers geo location based notifications can be set up to notify pass holders when they are within 50 metres of stores.

Data Management

Track you messaging and build campaigns.

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Yes, SNIPER does enable organisations to produce both visual branded and text messages, however it is much more than a messaging platform.

SNIPER is a full function mobile marketing platform with all transaction data stored in an accessible database that is able to be queried, segmented, analysed, reported on and contact and engagement targets built from within the system.

Marketing Stack Integration

Use webhooks, API’s or full integration to other marketing platforms.

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SNIPER has a complete set of API’s and Webhooks to enable integration with existing marketing stacks - as well as deep integration with a limited number of marketing platforms.

We recognise that our clients have invested heavily in development of their CRM’s. We understand our clients investments in understanding the customer journey, and the need to contact clients with the right messaging at the right time.

We also recognise that for a message to be effective it must not only be delivered but also seen. With close to 90% of consumers now preferring to be contacted using mobile messaging – the appropriate delivery technology for all business communications will increasingly become a key component of the marketers CX decision making.

SNIPER clients can now integrate a comprehensive direct to mobile marketing platform to their existing email and SMS messaging.

Build a Mobile Client List

Build and reward an engaged opted-in mobile first client list.

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The average consumer keeps their mobile number for over 17 years, and almost 90% of consumers would prefer organisations to contact them by message in preference to a phone call or email.

SNIPER enables organisations to easily build an opted in mobile client access list. SNIPER uses keyword and QR code functionality, coupled with the SNIPER’s Automation and Preference Centre to establish an active and engaged mobile client list.

Automated Responses

Establish unlimited automated responses to 2way received messaging.

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SNIPER has the capability to recognise pre programmed text queries and automatically deliver set automated MMS or SMS responses.

This tool can be established with multiple predetermined topics or keyword prompts and be set to respond either instantly or at a pre-set time.

Geolocation Notifications

Notify pass holders when they are near your pre-set physical locations.

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SNIPER enables marketers to establish messaging that is set to automatically send a message to shoppers phones when they are within 50 metres of set locations.

One very cheeky example of this was a sports store setting the geo location at a competitors store, meaning that when the shopper approached the competitors store - the shopper was reminded that they had a discount coupon for the cheeky sports store. Now that’s a cunning way to drive traffic to your door.

Mobile Gift Cards

A truly digital personalised gift card delivered and guaranteed to be seen.

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SNIPER enables retailers with a truly digital gift card, delivered as a personalised, secure, visual card, that can be stored in the phone wallet, with the added benefits of knowing who the purchaser is, who the receiver is and being able to push reminder messaging and geo location based messaging to the receiver.

If you want the gift cards that you sell to be used (not all retailers do, as the gift card industry makes money when gift cards are not used) then a SNIPER gift card is easily installed and operational in your business in 24 hours.

2WAY Messaging

Only SNIPERChat has full 2WAY SMS and MMS messaging and tracking.

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SNIPER offers a full 2WAY messaging capability using both SMS and MMS messaging, all managed within SNIPER’s comprehensive SNIPERCHAT functionality.

Imagine your clients being able to snap a picture and send it to you instantly via text for you to assess and remedy the situation instantly - whether you’re an authority like a council, an ecommerce provider with a product quality issue or an insurer receiving photos instantly of a claim - no need for emails or attachments just have them text their pictures and send it to SNIPERCHAT.


Establish your brand and trust by being stored in your clients phone contacts.

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SNIPER provides organisations with the functionality to design and send VCARDS to their clients mobile phone contacts – and in doing so own a piece of real estate in the clients phone.

The advantages of having a client store your company’s VCARD are significant. Not only can you put all your company contact information, including location maps, opening hours etc.. but it also means that each text message received from your company will be recognised and trusted as the phone will recognise the sending number and insert your brand logo atop every message.

Visual Curation Tools

Send super personalised, responsive, beautiful messages in just a few clicks

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SNIPER has a basic set of tools to let marketers build .gifs by layering .png files on top of each other. The curation tool will also let users change colour, font and text size, as well as positioning and alignment.

Every SNIPER message can contain unique content for each individual receiver. The drag and drop feature in the curation tool enables users to drop up to 22 unique data tags as well as QR codes and brand image/logo onto any suitably sized images.

SNIPER’s curation tools aren’t as complete as Adobe or Canva, but that’s the idea. We want all marketers to be able to build, personalise and send visually appealing SNIPER messages.

No Barriers to Entry

SNIPER is on a Pay As You Go Basis.

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Use of the SNIPER Mobile Marketing Platform is on a PAYG basis. For the price of a family meal at McDonalds your organisation can be trained and using SNIPER to communicate with your clients using their mobile text inbox - enjoying 98% open rates and CTR’s that email just doesn’t deliver anymore.

There is no term agreement, there is a monthly fee for access the software and a dedicated 2WAY mobile number. MMS and SMS send credits can be purchased when you need them.

What have you got to lose, start your mobile client engagement journey with your clients the way your clients want to be communicated with.

Fantastic Support

We are very proud of what our customers say about our support services.

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The SNIPER platform was developed in conjunction with our clients over years of trialling and testing. Most of the functionality features within the platform have been developed as result of the feedback and requests we have received from marketers using the platform.

SNIPER is an easy to use purpose built tool. SNIPER will enable you with access to 98% of your clients, with 95% of them seeing your messaging within 3 minutes.

Just having the best consumer access tool available is only part of the journey into marketing directly to the mobile client. SNIPER’s education and support team have been supporting personalised visual messaging needs of our clients since 2015 - We have learned lots of stuff along the way and are happy to share to maximise your success.

A key component of our success is the support we provide our clients and the consistent positive feedback that we are unlike any other software provider they have used in the past. (in a good way)

Think MailChimp* meets CANVA meets
direct to mobile 2WAY messaging

* MailChimp is a trademark of Rocket Science Group

* CANVA is a trademark of CANVA